On Saturday 09/28/2013 we paid our last respects to a founding father

of the Sylvan Springs Amateur Radio Club,

James Roy Windham

James Roy windham

We have lost not only a founding father, but we have lost a mentor, a friend, a father and leader among us who loved HAM Radio,
the club that we share, the ability to hold and produce new generations of HAM radio operators through his
testing sessions which in time became S.S.A.R.C.'s testing sessions.

Roy had a heart of servitude, of abounding love and passion for giving others the ability to learn and grow from his efforts
as community servants through the use of a radio.

On April 27th, 2011, he was not able to physically be present to serve the Concord and Pleasant Grove communities
after the tornado that destroyed millions of dollars worth of property, and countless scores of lives forever.
He did however, give some of us, actually most of us the ability to serve those who had lost so much. He also gave us the
 ability to do these things by providing us a place to test, and become, HAM radio operators.
 As you all know, is more than just a hobby, it is a way to serve, love and care for our fellow man.

I, KJ4PZH (Scott Quihuis) learned a great deal from Roy and I felt that I had lost a father or grandfather on Wednesday
of last week. I do know that our club will forever be lacking for the loss of his presence, but we will also forever be more than
just a group of people who talk to each other. We are a force of servants and helpers to those who cannot help themselves
in a time of dire need and disaster, or times of service for and assistance in times of peace such as assisting
with the American Diabetes Tour De Cure in which we can assist those in need of support for those who, again,
cannot support themselves.

When KF4JQP (James Keller) informed Roy that we had procured a building in Sylvan Springs to conduct test sessions,
Roy was exceptionally pleased and informed James that we needed to form a club and through the work of James, Roy and others,
we now have the club that we all enjoy today.

Roy was and will always be one of those men who inspire you to do all that you can, to be the best you can, and to take
the responsibilities that come with being a licensed HAM radio operator, serious and prideful, while being humble in the
presence of those whom we serve.

Roy was a soldier in the United States Army, he was an ordained minister, and he shared his love for God and his fellow man
in obvious ways that only those who were blind and deaf could not see or hear that love expressed in his everyday life.

We send our prayers and thoughts to God our Father for his wife Carmen, who has not only lost a husband, but a life partner
and friend.

God bless Carmen, his family, those who loved and still love him, and God bless the Sylvan Springs Amateur Radio Club,
for which without his guidance and work, would not be possible today.

Rest in Peace and in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.
James Roy Windham
March 28, 1932 - September 25, 2013