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Author Topic: 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes - Feb 2  (Read 821 times)

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2018 Annual Meeting Minutes - Feb 2
« on: February 05, 2018, 11:52:20 AM »
ARRL Board of Directors January 19 – 20, 2018
1. Roll Call
2. Moment of Silence
3. Courtesies
a) Introduction and welcome of first-time participants and guests
b) Remarks/greetings from IARU
c) Remarks/greetings from Radio Amateurs of Canada
d) Remarks/greetings from ARRL Foundation
4. Consideration of the Agenda
5. Elections
a) Officers
i) President
ii) First Vice President
iii) Second Vice President
iv) International Affairs Vice President
v) Secretary
vi) Treasurer
vii) Chief Executive Officer
viii) Chief Financial Officer
b) Executive Committee
c) ARRL Foundation Directors
6. Consideration of Financial Reports
a) Treasurer’s report, Mr. Niswander
b) Chief Financial Officer’s report, Mr. Shelley
7. Motion to adopt Consent Agenda
a) Receipt of Other Officers’ Reports
i) President Roderick
ii) First Vice President Widin
iii) Second Vice President Mileshosky
iv) International Affairs Vice President Bellows
v) Chief Executive Officer Gallagher
b) Receipt of General Counsel’s report, Mr. Imlay
c) Receipt of committee and coordinator reports
i) Executive Committee, Mr. Roderick, Chairman
ii) Administration & Finance Committee, Mr. Pace, Chairman
iii) Programs & Services Committee, Mr. Blocksome, Chairman
iv) Ethics & Elections Committee, Mr. Frenaye, Chairman
v) Amateur Radio Legal Defense & Assistance Committee,
Mr. Raisbeck, Chairman
vi) RF Safety Committee, Mr. Zygielbaum, Liaison
vii) EMC Committee, Mr. Carlson, Chairman
viii) Public Relations Committee, Mr. Ryan, Liaison
ix) Historical Committee, Mr. Blocksome, Chairman
x) Ad Hoc HF Band Planning Committee,
Mr. Mileshosky, Chairman
xi) Ad Hoc LoTW Committee, Mr. Widin, Chairman
xii) ARDF Coordinator Joe Moell, KØOV
xiii) Contest Advisory Committee, Mr. Blocksome, PSC Chairman
xiv) DX Advisory Committee, Mr. Allen, Liaison
xv) Legislative Advocacy Committee, Mr. Lisenco, Chairman
xvi) Membership, Diane Petrilli, Membership Manager
xvii) Entry Level License Committee, Mr. Frenaye, Chairman
xviii) OO Program Study Committee, Mr. Mileshosky, Chairman
8. Consideration of Items Removed from the Consent Agenda
9. Consider Recommendations of the Standing Committees
10. Consider Additional Recommendations as Contained in Reports
11. Consideration of Amendments to Articles of Association and By-Laws
12. Directors’ Motions
13. Any Other Business
14. Adjournment
1. Pursuant to due notice, the Board of Directors of the American Radio Relay League, Inc.
met in annual session at the Hartford/Windsor Airport Marriott in Windsor, Connecticut. The
meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM EST Friday, January 19, 2018 with President Rick
Roderick, K5UR, in the Chair and the following Directors present:
Tom Abernethy, W3TOM, Atlantic Division
Kermit Carlson, W9XA, Central Division
Matt Holden, KØBBC, Dakota Division
David Norris, K5UZ, Delta Division
Dale Williams, WA8EFK, Great Lakes Division
Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, Hudson Division
Rod Blocksome, KØDAS, Midwest Division
Tom Frenaye, K1KI, New England Division
Jim Pace, K7CEX, Northwestern Division
Bob Vallio, W6RGG, Pacific Division
James Boehner, N2ZZ, Roanoke Division
Dwayne Allen, WY7FD, Rocky Mountain Division
Greg Sarratt, W4OZK, Southeastern Division
Dick Norton, N6AA, Southwestern Division
David Woolweaver, K5RAV, West Gulf Division Director was unable to attend. West Gulf
Division Vice-Director John Robert Stratton, N5AUS, served as Director during the meeting
pursuant to Article 7 of the Articles of Association.
Also present without vote were:
Greg Widin, KØGW, First Vice President
Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, Second Vice President
Jay Bellows, KØQB, International Affairs Vice President
Barry J. Shelley, N1VXY, Chief Financial Officer
Frederick Niswander, K7GM, Treasurer.
Also in attendance were the following Vice Directors:
Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, Atlantic Division
Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, Central Division
Lynn Nelson WØND, Dakota Division
Ed Hudgens, WB4RHQ, Delta Division
Thomas Delaney, W8WTD, Great Lakes Division
Bill Hudzik, W2UDT, Hudson Division
Art Zygielbaum, KØAIZ, Midwest Division
Mike Raisbeck, K1TWF, New England Division
Bonnie Altus, AB7ZQ, Northwestern Division
James A. Tiemstra, K6JAT, Pacific Division
Bill Morine, N2COP, Roanoke Division
Jeff Ryan KØRM, Rocky Mountain Division
Joseph Tiritilli, N4ZUW, Southeastern Division
Ned Stearns AA7A Southwestern Division.
Also present were:
Christopher D. Imlay, W3KD, General Counsel
Tim Ellam, VE6SH, International Amateur Radio Union President
Glenn MacDonell VE3XRA, President of the Radio Amateurs of Canada
Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, Radiosport & Field Services Department Manager
Diane Middleton, KC1BQF, Controller
Dan Henderson, N1ND, Assistant Secretary / Regulatory Information Manager
Former ARRL President Rod Stafford, W6ROD was present as an observer. Also in attendance
was Mr. Frank McCarthy from McCarthy Advanced Consulting.
Moment of Silence
2. A moment of silence was offered in memory of Amateurs who have passed away since
the last meeting, especially: Mario Ambrosi, I2MQP; Ulrich “Uli” Bihlmayer, DJ9KR; Billy
Brock,WB5RSP; Vanu Gopal Bose; Roger Burt N4ZC; Alexander “Al” Cohen, W1FXQ; David
Collingham, K3LP; Joe Duerbusch, KØBX; Pat Gowen, G3IOR; Paul E. Gray, ex K1ZVT; Jack
Hammett, K4VV; Jim Kubitschek, KGØHU; James “Jim” LaPorta, N1CC; Fred Lindsey,
NØXA; Vincent Lobosco, KC2IZK; Bob Martin KC5LHL; Charles Ritter, KB9OXH; James W.
Robbins, N5OUJ; John Rogers, WØWC; Karen Schultz, KAØCDN; Carl Smith, N4AA; Boris
Stepanov, RU3AX; Jim Sullivan, W7EJ; Jean Touzot, F8IL; Howard ‘Rip’ Van Winkle, NVØM;
Jim Weaver, K8JE; Glenn Wonn KK5UZ; and Mike Zonnefeld. WØLTL.
3. Mr. Roderick presented new Dakota Division Director Holden with his Director’s
certificate and new Atlantic Division Vice Director Mr. Hollingsworth and Dakota Division Vice
Director Mr. Nelson their pins and certificates and welcomed them.
4. IARU President Ellam was recognized and thanked the Board for the opportunity to
attend. He expressed his appreciation to the Board for the continued assistance of the ARRL by
serving as the Secretariat of the IARU. He also expressed thanks to the ARRL for the work of
Jon Siverling, WB3ERA, in representing Amateur Radio on the international stage. He briefly
outlined key concerns the IARU is now addressing.
5. Radio Amateurs of Canada President MacDonell extended the greetings of the RAC and
noted that numerous members of the RAC are also ARRL members. He cited that Innovation,
Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) is moving quickly on
the implementation of the new 60-meter band, having conducted consultations with the RAC. He
spoke of the success of their recent 150th anniversary operating event which included outstanding
participation from US amateurs. He was excited that many of the events during the celebration
featured technology and learning opportunities.
6. Mr. Frenaye, as President of the ARRL Foundation, brought greetings from the
Foundation and reported that in 2017 eleven new scholarships were added to the foundation – the
largest number of new scholarships ever. The deadline for applying for 2018-2019 academic year
scholarships is February 1, 2018. The Foundation has approximately $4.3 million in their various
scholarship accounts.
Consideration of the Agenda
7. On the motion of Mr. Norris, seconded by Mr. Abernethy the agenda was unanimously
Elections of Officers
8. The Board moved to elections. Mr. Roderick appointed Mr. Morine, Mr. Hudzik, and Mr.
Hollingsworth to serve as tellers. On a point of personal privilege, Mr. Mileshosky thanked the
Board for the opportunities he has had to serve the ARRL, but work and family commitments
have led to his decision not to seek re-election as Second Vice-President.
Mr. Roderick yielded the chair to Vice-President Widin who opened the floor for
nominations for ARRL President. Mr. Carlson nominated Mr. Roderick. Mr. Vallio nominated
Mr. Frenaye. On the motion of Mr. Pace, seconded by Mr. Norris, the Board unanimously voted
nominations closed. With Mr. Roderick receiving 9 votes and Mr. Frenaye receiving 6 votes, Mr.
Roderick was ELECTED.
9. Mr. Roderick returned to the chair and Mr. Norris nominated Mr. Widin for First Vice-
President. On the motion of Mr. Lisenco, seconded by Mr. Allen, nominations were unanimously
voted closed and Mr. Widin was declared ELECTED.
10. Mr. Blocksome nominated Mr. Vallio for Second Vice-President. Mr. Norris nominated
Mr. Pace. On the motion of Mr. Allen, seconded by Mr. Vallio, nominations were unanimously
voted closed. With Mr. Vallio receiving 8 votes and Mr. Pace receiving 7 votes, Mr. Vallio was
11. Mr. Pace nominated Mr. Bellows for International Affairs Vice-President. On the motion
of Mr. Williams, seconded by Mr. Allen, nominations were unanimously voted closed and Mr.
Bellows was declared ELECTED.
12. Mr. Pace nominated Mr. Shelley for Secretary. On the motion of Mr. Carlson, seconded
by Mr. Abernethy, nominations were unanimously voted closed and Mr. Shelley was declared
13. Mr. Frenaye nominated Mr. Niswander for Treasurer. On the motion of Mr. Allen,
seconded by Dr. Boehner, nominations were unanimously voted closed and Mr. Niswander was
declared ELECTED.
14. Mr. Pace nominated Mr. Shelley for Chief Executive Officer. On the motion of Mr.
Carlson, seconded by Mr. Norris, nominations were unanimously voted closed and Mr. Shelley
was declared ELECTED.
15. Mr. Pace nominated Ms. Middleton as Chief Financial Officer. On the motion of Mr.
Vallio, seconded by Mr. Norris, nominations were unanimously voted closed and Ms. Middleton
was declared ELECTED.
Election of Executive Committee
16. The floor was opened for nominations to the Executive Committee. Mr. Abernethy
nominated Mr. Abernethy, Mr. Allen, Dr. Woolweaver, Mr. Holden and Mr. Frenaye. Mr. Norris
nominated Dr. Boehner, Mr. Lisenco, Mr. Williams and Mr. Norris. On the motion of Mr. Vallio,
seconded by Mr. Lisenco, the Board voted unanimously to close nominations. The following
votes were cast on the first ballot:
Mr. Abernethy 5, Mr. Allen 6, Dr. Woolweaver 7, Mr. Holden 10. Mr. Frenaye 10, Mr. Norris 7,
Mr. Lisenco 7, Dr. Boehner 8, Mr. Williams 10. Having received a majority, Mr. Holden, Mr.
Frenaye, Dr. Boehner and Mr. Williams were ELECTED to the Executive Committee
On the second ballot, to fill the one remaining seat on the Executive Committee, the votes cast
were: Mr. Allen 2, Dr. Woolweaver 4, Mr. Norris 5, Mr. Lisenco 3, and Mr. Abernethy 1. No
candidate was elected. Mr. Abernethy then withdrew from further consideration.
On the third ballot, the votes cast were: Mr. Allen 2, Dr. Woolweaver 5, Mr. Norris 5, and Mr.
Lisenco 3. No candidate was elected. Mr. Allen and Mr. Lisenco then withdrew from further
On the fourth ballot, with Dr. Woolweaver receiving 7 votes and Mr. Norris receiving 8 votes,
Mr. Norris was ELECTED to the Executive Committee.
Election of ARRL Foundation Board Members
17 Mr. Frenaye nominated Mr. Mileshosky, Mr. Norris and Mr. Frenaye for three-year
terms on the ARRL Foundation Board. On the motion of Mr. Vallio, seconded by Mr. Allen,
nominations were unanimously voted closed and Mr. Mileshosky, Mr. Norris and Mr. Frenaye
were declared ELECTED.
The Board was on break from 10:31 AM until 11:03 AM, with all persons previously noted
18. Due to time constraints of Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Lisenco requested discussion of the ARRL
legislative activities and the status of the Amateur Radio Parity Act and asked Mr. McCarthy to
address the issue. His office has been working with the ARRL Legislative Advocacy Committee
on several strategies to advance the bill through the US Senate. The ARRL is scheduled to
provide testimony to the US Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee during
the week of January 22, 2018. The testimony will highlight the efforts of the Amateur Radio
community in Puerto Rico during the 2017 hurricane season and how those efforts would not
have been possible during the recent Hawaiian false-alarm missile event due to deed restrictions.
Efforts also continue with the FCC and the White House to continue the ARRL advocacy efforts.
Mr. Lisenco and Mr. McCarthy entertained questions, after which Mr. McCarthy left the
Consideration of Financial Reports
19. Mr. Niswander presented the Treasurer’s report and entertained questions. Equity
markets were very good in 2017 virtually across the board and our portfolio benefited
accordingly. The US economy and market has increased for about nine years which, historically,
is quite a run. Looking forward, we need to be cautious while maintaining a balanced portfolio
with a long-term investment horizon.
20. Mr. Shelley presented the report of the Chief Financial Officer. He reported that the
League continues to have a very strong balance sheet and had generated a relatively large gain
from operations due to several one-time, non-recurring items. Revenues increased slightly from
the prior year while expenses decreased. Total assets had increased and net assets had increased
as well. He then entertained questions on the financial statements.
Consideration of Consent Agenda
21. The following reports were removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion: General
Counsel, Executive Committee, Administration and Finance, Programs and Services, Ethics and
Elections, EMC, Public Relations, Historical, DX Advisory, Entry Level License, and OO
Program Study committee. On the motion of Mr. Carlson seconded by Mr. Abernethy the
Consent Agenda was unanimously APPROVED.
Consideration of Reports Removed from Consent Agenda
22. There being no questions or comments for Mr. Roderick on the report of the Executive
Committee, Mr. Allen spoke to the report of the DX Advisory Committee and raised a concern
about the lack of a report from the DXAC on a task given to them by the Programs and Services
Committee during the last quarter of 2017. He encouraged all Directors to develop good
communications with their appointed representatives to the DXAC and to ensure they had active
appointees participating in the process
The Board was on break for lunch and group photograph from 12:02 PM until 1:17 PM with all
previously noted in attendance.
23. President Roderick presented (with applause) Mr. Carlson and his wife Caron, W9QLT,
and Mr. Allen and his wife Katie, WY7YL, certificates and pins indicating having attained
membership in the ARRL Maxim Society,
24. Mr. Imlay discussed the report of the General Counsel and entertained questions. The
League will submit comments on Monday January 22, 2018 with the FCC’s Public Safety and
Homeland Security Bureau, on the subject of Amateur Radio’s 2017 hurricane response, most
notably in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The General Counsel has circulated draft
comments in Docket 17-340 on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Spectrum Policy
recommendations, to be filed with the FCC by January 31, 2018. He commented on the draft
petition for rule-making, prepared at the instruction of the Executive Committee and the Board
of Directors, seeking enhancements to the operating privileges afforded Technician class
licensees. The Board also discussed options for a new Entry Level License class. Mr. Imlay
briefed the Board on the status of an updated MOU with the Salvation Army. Mr. Imlay then
entertained questions. The FCC has still not acted on the ARRL’s symbol rate petition or the 80-
meter band allocation proposals, a subject of concern to the Board. Several questions by Board
members to the General Counsel pertained to ARES groups applying for 501c (3) status. Mr.
Pace asked Mr. Imlay to comment on the confidentiality of communications between General
Counsel and members of the Board, and discussion ensued.
The Board was on break from 3:02 PM until 3:23 PM.
25. Mr. Pace discussed the report of the Administration and Finance Committee. Questions
were entertained on the 2018-19 financial plan. On the motion of Mr. Frenaye, seconded by Mr.
Carlson it was moved that “The ARRL 2018-2019 Plan, as recommended by the Administration
and Finance Committee, be adopted.”
Mr. Niswander moved, seconded by Mr. Pace, to amend “the ARRL 2018-2019 Plan to add a
maximum of $428,000 to fund the Lifelong Learning Initiative Project presented by Mintz &
Hoke.” During discussion it was pointed out that this is a budget item, not a contract
Mr. Niswander and Mr. Pace offered a friendly amendment to revise their motion to read
Moved, to amend the ARRL 2018-2019 Plan to add a maximum of $30,000 to fund the
discovery and strategy phase of the Lifelong Learning Initiative Project presented by
Mintz & Hoke and to report the findings to A&F Committee and to the Board of
Directors on or before the July Board meeting.”
After further discussion on the amendment, a roll call vote being requested by Mr. Lisenco, the
amendment was ADOPTED 14-1 with Directors Abernethy, Carlson, Holden, Norris, Williams,
Lisenco, Blocksome, Frenaye, Pace, Vallio, Boehner, Allen, Sarratt and Stratton voting AYE and
Director Norton voting NAY.
Returning to the main motion, a roll call vote being requested by Mr. Pace, it was VOTED that
“The ARRL 2018-19 Plan, as recommended by the Administration and Finance Committee and
as amended, be adopted”, with all fifteen Directors voting AYE.
26. Mr. Pace continued with the report of the Administration and Finance Committee,
yielding to Mr. Bellows to discuss the Travel Expense Working Group review of ARRL travel
policies, as well as the provisions about travel to a Division by the Director outside of their own.
27. It was moved by Mr. Niswander, seconded by Mr. Pace, that:
“A Chief Executive Officer Search committee be formed to identify a candidate for the
CEO for Board election. The committee shall consist of Rick Niswander, K7GM, chair;
Kermit Carlson, W9XA; Jim Boehner, N2ZZ; David Woolweaver, K5RAV; and Greg
Widin, KØGW. The committee is authorized to engage a search consultant. The
committee shall report periodically to the Board and will specifically report at the July
2018 Board meeting.”
After discussion, a roll call vote being requested by Mr. Pace, the motion was unanimously
28. The Board next moved to consideration of the report from the Programs and Services
Committee, with Mr. Blocksome entertaining questions. Concern was again raised from several
Directors that many members of the various advisory committees do not appear to be fully
engaged when they are requested to complete taskings from the PSC.
29. On behalf of the Programs and Services Committee, Mr. Allen moved, seconded by Mr.
Abernethy, that:
“DXCC Rule Section II Rule 1 is amended to add the following new subsection:
d) The entity has a separate IARU member society AND is included on the US State
Department List of Independent Nations.
Discussion followed until the Board recessed for the day at 5:05 PM until Saturday January 20,
2018 at 9:00 AM, with all previously noted in attendance.
30. The Board resumed discussion of the report of the Programs and Services Committee. A
friendly amendment was offered by Mr. Allen, agreed to by Mr. Abernethy that changed Mr.
Allen’s motion to then read as:
WHEREAS in 2004 the ARRL Board removed from Section II, Subsection 1 of the
DXCC rules the rule which extended status to any entity on the DXCC list only by virtue
of having been admitted as a member society of the IARU; and
WHEREAS the DXCC list evolves as worldwide geopolitical events occur; and
WHEREAS this evolution warrants periodic re-evaluation of criteria for entity inclusion
on the DXCC list; and
WHEREAS the IARU has been consulted regarding the notion of reinstating the former
IARU rule provision to the current DXCC Rules; and
WHEREAS an objective to modifying DXCC rules should be to keep political
interpretations and inconsistencies to a minimum;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Section II, Subsection 1 of the DXCC
rules is amended to add the following new subsection:
d) The entity has a separate IARU member society AND is included on the U.S.
State Department Independent States in the World.
The Board was reminded that the event date is when the new rule is approved, not retroactively.
After further discussion, a roll call vote being requested by Mr. Pace, the motion was
ADOPTED, with Directors Abernethy, Carlson, Holden, Williams, Blocksome, Frenaye, Pace,
Vallio, Boehner, Allen, Sarratt, Norton and Stratton voting AYE and Director Norris voting
NAY with Director Lisenco ABSTAINING.
31. On the motion of Mr. Abernethy, seconded by Mr. Allen it was unanimously VOTED
(with applause) that:
RESOLVED, on the recommendation of the ARRL Technical Advisors Committee and
the ARRL Programs and Services Committee, the ARRL Board of Directors confers the
2017 Doug DeMaw W1FB Technical Excellence Award on Joe Taylor, K1JT; Steve
Franke, K9AN; and Bill Somerville, G4WJS for their articles “Work the World with
WSJT-X, Parts 1 and 2” which appeared in the October and November 2017 issues of
32. On the motion of Mr. Sarratt, seconded by Mr. Holden, it was unanimously VOTED
(with applause) that:
WHEREAS the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season was one of the harshest in recent
memory, especially in the Caribbean islands, including the ARRL Puerto Rico and U.S.
Virgin Islands Sections; and
WHEREAS the local Amateur Radio licensees in the area were pressed into immediate
service before and during the devastating storms; and
WHEREAS the efforts of the local Amateur communities continue to support the relief
and recovery efforts even now; and
WHEREAS the ARRL leadership in each section continues to do extraordinary service
for their communities;
THEREFORE, the ARRL Board of Directors confers the 2017 ARRL International
Humanitarian Award jointly on the local Amateur Radio population of Puerto Rico,
served by ARRL Section Manager Oscar Resto, KP4RF; and the local Amateur Radio
population of the US Virgin Islands, served by ARRL Section Manager Fred Kleber,
33. On the motion of Mr. Abernethy, seconded by Mr. Sarratt, it was unanimously VOTED
(with applause) that:
WHEREAS the Amateur Radio community across Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, the
Caribbean islands, south Florida and Texas, performed outstanding service during the
2017 Atlantic hurricane season; and
WHEREAS their dedication to their communities, friends, and families was demonstrated
with thousands of hours spent providing critical support communications; and
WHEREAS their efforts were a demonstrable exhibition of Amateur Radio public
THEREFORE, the ARRL Board of Directors recognizes the outstanding work and
service and commends all involved with the various hurricane relief communications
efforts during 2017.
34. Mr. Williams, as chairman, presented an update on the current work of the Programs and
Services Committee’s Public Service Enhancement Working Group and entertained discussion.
The working group is currently developing a series of guidelines that will become part of the
ARES program. The ARES registration service for groups across the country is up and running
with over 400 groups registered in the first few weeks since its activation. During its
deliberations, the working group solicited input from topic experts across the country as well as
several ARRL Section Managers. A peer review group of experts continues to be involved in this
project. Organizing a better system of communication with the field organization will be an
emphasis of the PSEWG moving forward.
35. The Board next considered the report of the Ethics and Elections Committee, with Mr.
Frenaye entertaining questions. Several Directors commented that some adjustments to the Code
of Conduct might be considered.
The Board was on break from 10:40 AM until 11:03 AM.
36. The Board considered the report of the Historical Committee and Mr. Blocksome
entertained questions. Mr. Pace presented to the ARRL on behalf of Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO,
a Kilbourne & Clark key that was used by Howard Mason (SK), callsign 7BU, on the Admiral
Byrd expedition to Antarctica. Headquarters staff is arranging an interview with Mr. Burlingame
on the history of the key. Also included in the donation are a book on the expedition and a
scrapbook of expedition-related materials. The Board expressed its thanks (with applause) to Mr.
Burlingame and requested a letter of thanks be sent to him by the President on behalf of the
37. Mr. Carlson presented the report of the EMC committee and highlighted the work of the
committee of ARRL headquarters staff and General Counsel in preparing comments on the
FCC’s TAC Spectrum Policy Recommendations.
38. Mr. Frenaye entertained discussions on the report of the Entry Level License committee.
He raised concerns about the rising level of licensees not renewing their licenses. He outlined
how the working draft of a proposed petition to the FCC on Technician class enhancements was
developed. He also noted that over 8,000 responses were provided to the ELL Committee from
surveys conducting during the past year.
39. Discussion next turned to the report of the OO Program Study Committee, with Mr.
Mileshosky presenting an update. The Committee is waiting feedback from the FCC on the
proposed program changes. Once that input is received, the step of finalizing a proposal for
consideration by the Board and its committees can begin.
The Board was on break for lunch from 12:11 PM until 1:00 PM with all previously mentioned
in attendance.
Consideration of Recommendations from Standing Committees
40. The Board moved to consideration of recommendations from Standing Committees. On
behalf of the Executive Committee, Mr. Norris moved and Mr. Williams seconded, that:
Upon review and advice of ARRL’s Connecticut Corporate counsel Day Pitney, and from
review and revisions of the existing ARRL Articles of Association and Bylaws, by the
working group of the Executive Committee; therefore, be it known that we, the
subscribers, do hereby associate ourselves as a body politic and corporate entity pursuant
to the statue laws of the State of Connecticut regulating the formation and organization of
corporations without capital stock with the following Article is hereby added to the
ARRL Articles of Association:
Article 15:
The personal liability of any Director to the Corporation or its members for monetary
damages for breach of duty as a Director is hereby limited to the amount of the
compensation received by the Director for serving the Corporation during the year of the
violation if such breach did not (a) involve a knowing and culpable violation of law by
the Director; (b) enable the Director or an associate, as defined in subdivision (2) of
Section 33-840 of the Connecticut Business Corporation Act, as amended (the “Act”), to
receive an improper personal economic gain; (c) show a lack of good faith and a
conscious disregard for the duty of the Director to the Corporation under circumstances
in which the Director was aware that his conduct or omission created an unjustifiable risk
of serious injury to the Corporation; or (d) constitute a sustained and unexcused pattern of
inattention that amounted to an abdication of the Director’s duty to the Corporation. This
provision shall not limit or preclude the liability of a Director for any act or omission
occurring prior to the effective date hereof. Any lawful repeal or modification of this
provision shall not adversely affect any right or protection of a Director existing at or
prior to the time of such repeal or modification.
After discussion, Mr. Norris, with the consent of Mr. Williams, withdrew the motion for
discussions between the Executive Committee, the General Counsel and ARRL Connecticut
corporate counsel.
41. Mr. Norris moved, seconded by Mr. Williams that:
Upon review and advice of ARRL’s Connecticut Corporate Counsel Day Pitney, and
from review and revision of the existing ARRL Articles of Association and Bylaws by
the working group of the Executive Committee; therefore, be it known that By Laws 8, 9
and 10 are hereby amended as follows:
Life Membership
8. Life Membership in the League is available upon payment of twenty-five times
the annual dues rates set forth above.
9. Life Membership is not transferable.
10. Should a Life Member who paid dues at a multiple of the special rate
established in By-Law 7 cease to be eligible for the special rate, his membership
shall cease and the amount paid shall be creditable toward a Life Membership,
including receipt of QST, at the then-current rate.
After discussion, the motion was withdrawn and referred to the Administration and Finance
committee for further consideration.
42. After discussion on several issues relating to pending proposals to amend the Articles of
Association and Bylaws, President Roderick, with the consent of the Board, agreed to the
following statement, authored by Mr. Norris, being included in the minutes:
Mr. Williams and I will not introduce Motions EC-1 through EC-11 with Norris EC -5
being referred to the Admin and Finance Committee for further study.
I and others on this Board have expressed to our Divisions that we are a Membership
organization and we appreciate their continued input.
While a great deal of thought and effort went into consideration of the matters addressed
by EC-1 - EC 11 and we extend our thanks to all that worked with us on these motions, in
particular General Counsel Imlay, IAVP Bellows and First VP Widin.
We believe that due to the significance of the changes addressed and the well-intentioned
concern expressed by a portion of our Membership, that it would be in the best interest of
the League we love, and the Members we proudly serve, that we take more
time to consider the needed changes.
We chose to take this extra time both to address the belief amongst some that the Motions
were not well intentioned AND to provide an opportunity to seek further input and
participation from the responsible Members of the League to assist us in ensuring the
future of the League and Amateur Radio.
We request the staff and the Executive Committee to place the Motions, EC-1 through
EC-11 on the ARRL website with a white paper explaining each Motion. The white paper
should show the changes from the original Articles of Association and Bylaws in an
easily readable manner. Headquarters should also be directed to release an appropriate
announcement to Members on these matters when this information becomes available.
Consideration of Recommendations from other Reports
43. International Affairs Vice President Bellows brought to the attention of the Board the
application of St. Kitts- Nevis- Anguilla Amateur Radio Society (SKNAARS) to become an
IARU member Society, representing the amateurs of St. Kitts and Nevis. Under IARU rules the
request for admission is submitted to current IARU member societies for approval. Mr., Bellows,
moved, seconded by Mr. Holden, that:
The ARRL approve admission of St. Kitts- Nevis- Anguilla Amateur Radio Society
(SKNAARS) to represent the amateurs of St. Kitts and Nevis as the member society of
the International Amateur Radio Union; and
The President of ARRL is directed to submit a vote sheet in favor of admission of
After brief discussion the motion was unanimously APPROVED (with applause).
44. Mr. Widin moved, seconded by Mr. Pace that
WHERAS minutes of Board meetings are subject to review and approval;
THEREFORE, Standing Order 11-2.18 is amended to publish minutes after a favorable
vote to approve them. Clause 5 is amended to read “Minutes will be made available to
members following formal approval.”
After discussion, the motion was unanimously adopted.
The board was on break from 2:21 PM until 2:40 PM with all previously noted present.
45. Mr. Roderick announced committee assignments:
Executive Committee: Mr. Boehner, Mr. Frenaye, Mr. Holden, Mr. Norris, Mr. Williams,
President Roderick, Vice-President Widin, CEO Shelley
Administration and Finance: Mr. Pace (chair), Mr. Carlson, Mr. Lisenco, Mr. Norton,
Mr. Woolweaver, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Niswander, CFO Middleton (staff liaison), Vice-
President Widin (officer liaison)
Programs and Services: Mr. Blocksome (chair), Mr. Abernethy, Mr. Allen, Mr. Sarratt,
Mr. Tiemstra, Mr. Hollingsworth, Mr. Fusaro (staff liaison), Vice-President Vallio
(officer liaison)
Contest Advisory Committee: Dennis Egan, W1UE, chair; Mr. Allen (Board liaison)
DX Advisory Committee: Chair (to be announced), Mr. Tiemstra (Board liaison)
Amateur Radio Direction Finding: Mr. Joe Moell, KØOV (coordinator), Mr. Jerry
Boyd, WB8WFK
Electromagnetic Compatibility: Mr. Carlson (chair); Mr. Mike Gruber, W1MG (Staff
liaison); Mr. Ed Hare, W1RFI (Staff Liaison); Mr. Bob Allison, WB1GCM, (Lab staff);
Mr. Gordon Beatie, W2TTT; Ms. Jody Boucher, WA1ZBL; Mr. Brian Cramer, W9RFI;
Mr. Ron Hranac, NØIVN; Mr. Jerry Ramie, KI6LGY; Mr. Cortland Richmond, KA5S;
Dr. Mark Steffka, WW8MS; Mr. Phil Barsky, K3EW; Mr. James Roop, K9SE; Dr.
Richard Dubroff, W9XW; Mr. Riley Hollingsworth; Mr. Ed Hudgens; Mr. Carl
Ethics and Elections: Mr. Norris (chair), Mr. Blocksome, Mr. Williams
HF Band Planning: Vice-President Widin (chair), Mr. Steve Ford, WB8IMY (Staff
liaison); others as tasking requires
Historical: Mr. Blocksome (chair); Mr. Bob Allison, WB1GCM (Staff liaison); Mr.
Frenaye, Mr. Norton, Mr. Hudzik, Mr. Mike Marinaro, WN1M
Legal Defense and Assistance: Mr. Tiemstra (chair), Mr. Stearns, Mr. Stratton, Vice-
President Bellows, General Counsel Imlay
Legislative Advocacy Committee: Mr. Lisenco (chair), Mr. Raisbeck, President Roderick,
CFO Shelley, General Counsel Imlay, Others as tasking required
Logbook of the World Study Committee: Vice-President Widin (chair), Mr. Stearns, Mr.
Niswander, Mr. Norm Fusaro W3IZ (Staff liaison); Mr. Michael Keane (K1MK); Mr.
Dave Bernstein, AA6YQ; Mr. Rick Murphy, K1MU
Public Relations: Mr. Scott Westerman, W9WSW (chair); Mr. Morine (Board liaison),
Mr. David Isgur (Staff liaison); Mr. Sid Caesar, NH7C; Mr. Randy Hall, K7AGE; Mr.
Angel Santana, WP3GW; Mr. Tommy Gober, N5DUX; Mr. Jeff Davis, KE9V; Mr. Alan
Griffith (RAC representative)
RF Safety: Dr. Gregory Lapin, N9GL; Mr. Zygielbaum (Board liaison); Mr. Ed Hare,
W1RFI (Staff liaison); Mr. Robert Gold, WØKIZ; Mr. William Kaune, W7IEQ; Mr.
James Ross, W4GHL; Mr. Kai Siwiak, KE4PT; Mr. Bruce Small, KM2L; Mr. Guy
“Bud” Tribble, N6SN; Mr. Gerald Griffin, K6MD (Emeritus); Mr. William Raskoff,
K6SQL (Emeritus)
Entry Level License Committee: Mr. Frenaye (chair), Ms. Maria Somma, AB1FM (Staff
liaison); Ms. Altus, Mr. Delaney, Mr. Bruce Blain, K1BG; Mrs. Andrea Wayward,
KG4IUM; Mr. Paul Neal, NØAH; Mr. Ward Silver, NØAX
Director’s Motions
46. The Board next moved to the consideration of Director’s motions, which began with a
lengthy discussion on issues related to Board governance.
47. Mr. Carlson moved, seconded by Mr. Abernethy, that:
WHEREAS being elected to serve on the ARRL Board of Directors is an honor and
privilege bestowed by the membership; and
WHEREAS, it carries with it a serious responsibility to serve the interests of the ARRL
and its members. Members of the Board of Directors and Vice Directors serve in a
representative capacity relative to ARRL members, and in a fiduciary capacity relative to
the organization; and
WHEREAS, ARRL Officers, Directors and Vice Directors must always abide by, and are
obligated to follow, the three legal duties of good faith, care and loyalty during their
tenure; where the duty of good faith means that the Board member must act in
compliance with the corporate mission, at Division and national levels, and not in a way
that is inconsistent with ARRL’s goals; and
WHEREAS, The ARRL Board of Directors has a legal requirement identified by the
ARRL’s Connecticut Corporate Counsel to establish an ARRL POLICY ON BOARD
AND VICE DIRECTORS which is appropriate with respect to the requirements of
Connecticut law, which addresses the specific requirements of the ARRL representative
membership governance and, which is free of ambiguity; and
WHEREAS, none of the rules or policy of Board governance can be construed to create
an allegiance to the organization, or to any other person or group that would supersede
acting in the best interests of the League membership;
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED the entire Code of Conduct must be reviewed by the
ARRL Officers, Directors and Vice Directors with a deadline for completion of a final
draft version 60 days in advance of the July 2018 meeting of the ARRL Board of
Directors and be reported at that meeting; and
FURTHER the following changes are made to the ARRL POLICY ON BOARD
AND VICE DIRECTORS effective immediately.
1. Confidentiality 6. C. delete the following sentence: “A Board member may not, in
disclosing anything about the Board’s deliberations, discuss or disclose the votes of
the Board or of individual Board members (including his/her own) unless the Board
has previously made the votes public”.
2. Suspend all of Section 8. “Support of Board Decisions.”
After discussion, a roll call vote being requested by Mr. Allen, and by a vote of 14-0-1, the
motion was ADOPTED with Directors Abernethy, Carlson, Holden, Norris, Williams, Lisenco,
Blocksome, Frenaye, Pace, Vallio, Boehner, Allen, Sarratt and Stratton voting AYE with
Director Norton ABSTAINING
48. On the motion of Mr. Norris, seconded by Mr. Frenaye, it was unanimously VOTED that
The policy concerning petitions by candidates for nomination for ARRL elected office be
changed such that
1. The candidate shall be informed in writing at the beginning of the nomination process
that decisions of the Ethics and Elections Committee concerning candidate eligibility
will be made publicly available unless the candidate expressly requests otherwise;
and that, if it is requested by the candidate that the reason(s) not be disclosed
publicly, that the ARRL shall be authorized to publicly reveal that this permission
was not granted, and to disclose the request for privacy as received by the candidate;
2. If a candidate’s petition is rejected by the Ethics and Elections Committee, the
candidate shall, with the notification of ineligibility, be given the opportunity to
request in writing that the reason for the rejection not be made public. The candidate
shall have 10 (ten) business days from the date that notice is given to the candidate to
request privacy. If no such request is received within this period, the information may
be publicly released. This information shall include the reasons for the rejection, with
reference to the relevant ARRL governing documents, and may include other
correspondence to or from the Ethics and Elections Committee and/or the Board
concerning disqualifications;
3. The candidate shall agree, in writing, to hold the ARRL harmless from any damages
or alleged damages arising from or related to the release of information concerning
candidate certification or non-certification;
4. That the forms and materials associated with the nomination for ARRL elected office
be updated to reflect these policies.
49. On the motion of Mr. Frenaye, seconded by Mr. Carlson, was unanimously VOTED that:
Subject to final edits and approval by the Executive Committee, the Chief
Executive Officer and the General Counsel are authorized and instructed to file
with the FCC a Petition for Rule Making seeking enhancements to the operating
privileges to be afforded to Technician Class licensees in the 80, 40 and 15-meter
bands, prepared pursuant to the first and second reports to the Board by the Entry
Level License Committee in January and July of 2017.
It is further requested that a dialog be commenced with the National Council of
Volunteer Exam Coordinators concerning the appropriate scope and
comprehensiveness of the Technician Class exam relative to the operating
privileges conveyed by that license class.
50. Mr. Frenaye moved, seconded by Mr. Vallio, that:
WHEREAS the ARRL premium membership program was established in July 2002
creating the Diamond club, Maxim Society and the Legacy Circle,
THEREFORE, be it moved that contributions made to the ARRL Foundation also be
used to qualify for those programs.
After discussion the motion was unanimously ADOPTED.
51. On the motion of Mr. Holden, seconded unanimously by the full Board it was VOTED
WHEREAS the coordination and management of an ARRL Board of Directors meeting is
a massive undertaking; and,
WHEREAS it requires persistence and great patience to successfully wrangle Directors,
Vice-Directors, officers and guests; and
WHEREAS this extreme undertaking can only be made by those with wisdom beyond
their years,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the ARRL Board family recognizes and
gratefully thanks Carla Pereira, KC1HSX, and the ARRL staff for accomplishing what no
one else can ever do: hold a most successful Board meeting.
52. There being no further business, and on the motion of Mr. Vallio seconded by Mr. Norris,
the Board adjourned sine die at 4:56 PM. (Time in session as a Board: 12 hours 22 minutes)
Respectfully submitted:
Daniel Henderson, N1ND
Assistant Secretary, ARRL


VHF/HF Propagation and Solar Terrestrial Data

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